Next Generation REIT Asset Management

Arialgo was founded with the mission of bringing a world leading asset management technology to the $1.25 trillion REIT market through economics-backed machine learning.

Arialgo believes that generating superior returns can only result from having access to proprietary information which other market participants do not have access to, and Arialgo’s vision is to continuously generate such proprietary information and convert it into superior performance for its clients.

Arialgo developed the REIT Portfolio Manager, a state-of-the-art asset management system which is a systematic investment system that tracks, analyses, rates and ranks REITs, constructs the ARI US40 REIT Index, and rebalances a REIT portfolio to match that index.

The system is based on the Appel REIT Indicators (ARI), a board set of advanced REIT following indicators and engineered machine learning features which have strong return predictive power and which also measure whether a REIT stock is undervalued or overpriced relative to its fair value taking into account critical pricing and fundamental indicators.

The REIT Portfolio Manager system features:

ARI US40 REIT Index: a selected and dynamic index of 40 US based public REITs.

The REIT Radar: advanced visualization and decision-support tool, which presents all REITs on a two-dimensional system representing each REIT’s pricing score and quality score.

Arialgo has incepted its services in 2021 to global investors and is constantly working to expand its services base to various markets and investors both in the U.S. and globally.

Our Technology


Arialgo has identified that the market for advanced quantitative and qualitative investments in the REIT sector is underserved, and has taken a more robust approach to identifying and selecting its portfolio constituents, by analyzing a large set of data and indicators and applying machine learning technologies.