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The REIT Portfolio Manager, can be used in various forms and by various participants in the capital markets: mutual fund, smart beta ETF, smart index, synthetic portfolio/credit SWAP, client asset management for financial institutions and insurance companies and hedge funds.


Arialgo REIT Portfolio Manager


At present, Arialgo is set to provide its services on a case-by-case basis in the following methods:

  • Hedge Fund – Arialgo has incepted a Hedge Fund, based in Israel for Israeli and non-Israeli investors in which institutional and retail investors could invest in a US$ denominated fund focused on the ARI US40 INDEX.
  • Synthetic portfolio / Credit SWAP – Arialgo US40 Index strategy is available for investment, on a case by case basis, in collaboration with a world leading investment bank in a variety of investable formats. Such collaboration may benefit Arialgo’s clients with the technology and operations of a world-renowned institution reducing counterparty risk and providing additional benefits (transactional, settlement, reporting). Such investment formats, currently include a Synthetic portfolio. Many funded strategies can be replicated synthetically. By replacing a funded investment with an unfunded swap on the same strategy, investors can release cash for capital intensive investments, financing, liquidity or may invest at better rates available to them. Investing synthetically can involve substantially lower cost than borrowing against asset. Investors can switch from a fully funded investment in a fund to an unfunded swap on the performance of the Synthetic portfolio managed by the REIT Portfolio Manager. Thus, investors can use the cash released for other purposes.
  • Client Asset Management – Arialgo is offering its REIT portfolio management products and services to financial institutions as an asset manager and allocator. Arialgo can provide such services in various forms that allow greater flexibility to financial institutions to diversify their asset base into the REIT sector, while benefiting from a quantitative and qualitative driven investment strategy.

All services & investments are subject to regulatory clearance.